Who is Christian?

Greetings honoured visitor,

Please allow me a most humble introduction of myself. This handsome fellow in the picture is me:

Tall, blond, blue eyed and Danish. Most of this was given to me from my parents and their parents, but some of it I had to work hard for.

If you are a future employer, I salute and would like emphasises that I am twice as good as mentioned throughout and only half as incompetent! If you are a friend, I welcome you whole heartedly and hope you will cope with my exaggerations and wild bragging about who you are. For everyone else, you should know that on this site you will find information and more of so from my journey around the world.

I was named Christian, which coincidently also happens to be the name of my Great-Grandfather. Until 2006 my goals in life was fairly simple a) become an entrepreneurial business man and b) earn shit-loads of money. Then I went to Singapore and everything changed. Singapore induced me with two new sensations. I discovered the joy of moving or traveling and the itchy feeling called curiosity or desire to know. So upon Singapore I went a year to England, Coventry, and discovered couchsurfing. Couchsurfing let me to Berlin and Project Volunteering. After a year of complete sensory overload I had to cool off with another term studying. So I went from Berlin to Dublin, then Paris and then Düsseldorf. The Masters program was focused on International Strategic Management. So with my origin in Denmark you may consider me a true EU-citizen? Beyond my inclination to business topics I also enjoy branching of into other subjects:

language -> Teaching my self French on Busuu.com and with Pimsleurs. Want to join me?

Communication -> Syntax, Semantics, Narratives, Social constructionism and many other topics I find hard to comprehend as they seem to mess with the fabric of human understanding (E.g. the perception of right and wrong, colours, shapes, family, friends, work, etc.).

Internet and Blogging -> I believe the Link page will speak on its own.

Books -> So many to read and only so little time – Also check out my Wishlist or what I have read so far.

Education -> I write for I-student and try to keep pace with open-source education (e.g. Batches or educational standards)

Travelling -> I am a proud member of the CouchSurfing community

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