Ideas to cash in on!

Good-morning Ritual Documentary

A documentary that explains different wake-up methods in the morning. from the slow 5-hour get up to the Krav Maga wake-up. It can be done separately or with the help of CS’ers

Customized Pigs

Choose the feeding, size, gender and breed of your pig. The pig will then be raised according to your demands and delivered fully prepared or slaughtered as you ordered. E.g. Acorn pigs, Potato pigs, etc.

Travel-date Site

There are plenty of date sites. Dating for farmers. Dating for highly educated. Dating for models. etc, etc, etc. So how about dating where people go on communal trips? When they return, they will know if they match and have experienced a new location.

Honeypot Securities

A security company specialized in setting up honey-traps for burglars. While people are on holidays, they can sign their home up as a honey-pot trap. The home/house will then be prepped for burglars and catch them in the act.

Mistake sharing application for Doctors

There needs to be some form of app for doctors to share their mistakes and consult online.

Entrepreneurial Badges

Create online achievements for startups and entrepreneurs. These will help bolster startups and the entrepreneurs. In particular for hiring new staff, getting new partners, and even convincing investors. E.g. Golden star for first customer, Shop-keeper award for first 1.000 per month profits, or Brand for first 100 mentions on Social medias.

Bygholm Breweries

Create a local brewery using local resources.

D’ Synnejyske vindue

Opret en Synnejysk side (joomla) med mål om at samle nok material til at bevare det synnejyske sproch og udgive en bog på sigt.

Universal gift cards

Create an online community where you can redeem a unique gift card. E.g. you received a gift card from you grandmother for 1-2 hours of happiness at Starbucks with a friend. A picture of you friend and the receipt will trigger a deduction from you grandmothers account and your reimbursement. The receipt will be for documentation and the picture off you and your friend for you grandmother, as a thank you gift card.

Utilising the future plan for increased competition on the train-transportation from the EU to build a train-price comparison site.

Gas purchasing behaviour as stockbroker model

All gas stations collect the amount of gas bought and price. All this data could be gathered and analysed. This could reveal interesting insights into buying behaviour. You could use this data for forecasting on the commodity market.

The Donation or NPO-hostel

Create a hostel out of your 5 room apartment. Make it be based on Donations, e.g.through AirBnB or CS.

My little Library

When the Child is born the parents get to select 5-10 books amongst 100-500 carefully selected books. When the child turn 14 the child get to select 10 books amongst 100-1000 carefully selected books. A famous author once was quoted for saying every child should be given good books at birth.


Based on the cradle to cradle principles you could design furnitures according to trends. These furnitures could then easily be switched on a subscription like basis or leasing like basis for new and more trendy furnitures. The old discarded furniture would then be disassembled and used as the basis for new furniture.


Create the foundation of a community to aggregate reviews and help future students and parents making an informed choice, even cross-country!


Open Breztle chain in the Nordic countries.

Breztle-making machinery

Sell the machinery for making breztles in the nordic countries.

Wikipages for dissertations and thesis work

Great a guideline, standard or framework for how to work on you thesis through a wiki. Enable peer-reviews in real-time and suggestions for further research or enquiries. This could potentially also allow paradigm shifts in our societies.

Logistic System for selling on trains

DSB came out with a huge loss on their steward business on board trains. Potential for privatising this idea through new processes.

Language Censors for TV

A child would get ½-1 hour of TV-watching allowed in its native language. Once this quota is gone, the censor switches the language of what ever is on into a non-native language. This should significantly increase the language learning skills of the child.

Jewellery Collection – The MIX

Make a jewellery line based on the Cradle to Cradle principles. The user would be able to purchase jewellery and return it for a discount on a new purchase. A different alternative would be a jewellery subscription and the user would receive the newest design while returning the previous. All the jewellery would be designed to be taken apart and reused for a new collection.


It hit me that Cardboard furniture is awesome – mostly because I was wondering how to get my self a cheap and unique shelf. So I did some research into how your DIY, but there where no specific guides. So my next step was to look for a business on this. A few was found, but they are all small or to artsy – I was not able to find an IKEA solution (a.k.a. flatpack order business). Who will be the first launching this?

Furniture Leasing Concept

The concept offers the customers a choice between three selections (Bargain, Medium and Premium). You would pay for leasing per furnished sqaure-meter and have a selection provided, either through catalogue or a showroom.

Shake it – Egg & Bacon

The fast solution to a wholesome breakfast. Shall it be named “Begg & Acon”?

101 Financial Education for Bank customers

There seems to be an endless stream of articles about xx% of any given countries population  to be financial illiterate. So why not create a product that teaches the 101 of financial understanding and making them more informed about their choices. This could also be a great tool for banks to reduce credit defaults and screen customers before they take out major credits (e.g. mortgages).

Toothbrush Handles

You can only buy a whole toothbrush, if you are brushing you teeth manually. What if, like with the electrical toothbrushes, you could have your own customized handle. You could keep your handle for 1-5 years, but change you toothbrush head every week/month. Similar to razor-heads from Gillette.

Unemployeed consulting

In the future I see a few platforms being central for recruitment. One trend, that I am particulare curious to and do see develop is the “come find me!” notion. Meaning that people will no longer be applying, but will expect t be hunted. This would also open up for an educational and service industry where these skilled and educated needs guidance and instruction on their presence as a “prey” for these hunters.

Clue- or Quest Cards

Create real life Quest, mission, task or clue cards to hand out amongst friends, family or strangers. Example.
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